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Please read the package insert and watch the video before continuing to the quiz.

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You must score an 80% to pass.

  • 1. Each "hash mark" on the Q.E.D. device represents __________ % alcohol level.

  • 2. The Q.E.D. quality assurance program requires a quality control test to be run:

  • 3. A test indicating no alcohol present will have a pink-orange background with a positive QA spot.

  • 4. Q.E.D. devices should be stored and used at room temperature.

  • 5. The result of a Q.E.D. test should be read at _______ minutes.

  • 6. A positive QA spot indicates the presence of alcohol

  • 7. Q.E.D. gives a _______ result.

  • 8. The two primary sources of error with the Q.E.D. device are failure to (check all that apply)

  • 9. If air bubbles appear in the capillary, the test must be considered invalid.

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