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Please read the package insert and watch the video before continuing to the quiz.

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You must score an 80% to pass.

  • 1. The collection pad should be left in the donor's mouth:

  • 2. When the collection pad is removed from the pouch, it should be:

  • 3. The volume indicator on the top (white) side of the collection device should be blue when you remove it from the pouch.

  • 4. The specimen vial should be removed from the pouch at the same time as the collection device.

  • 5. The intercept i2 collection device is designed to collect:

  • 6. The liquid in the specimen vial should be completely emptied before placing the specimen vial.

  • 7. The donor must not have had anything in his/her mouth within the last 10 minutes prior to collection.

  • 8. In order to stimulate oral fluid collection, the donor should rub the collection pad back and forth along the gum line.

  • 9. The collection procedures should be explained to the donor before beginning the collection.

  • 10. The collection pad should be placed in the donor's mouth:

  • 11. Once the donor places the collection pad in his/her mouth, the collector should:

  • 12. To open the specimen vial:

  • 13. Which of the following is considered an acceptable method of properly identifying the donor?

  • 14. After the oral fluid specimen has been collected, the collection pad should be:

  • 15. The specimen vial and lab copy of the Chain-of-Custody form should be placed in the specimen bag in preparation for shipment to the laboratory.

  • 16. If not using a lab COC form, where should the donor's identification information be written?

  • 17. If the volume adequacy indicator has not turned blue after 15 minutes, you should throw the device away and collect another sample.

  • 18. The correct position of the device in the mouth is:

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