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The Pioneers of Oral Fluid Testing

The team of scientists working for OraSure Technologies has led the substance abuse testing industry and the scientific community with the research and tools that have pioneered this highly accurate and efficient method of testing oral fluid. Our Company has been selling substance abuse collection devices and laboratory detection kits since 1991, and continues to provide reliable and trusted brands with many long-time customers. OraSure has banded its team of experts and an extensive library of scientific articles to bring you the facts surrounding Oral Fluid Drug Testingā€¦a Reliable and Trusted Brand for Over 20 Years.

OraSure manufactures and sells the OraSureĀ® Oral Fluid Collection Device and laboratory testing assays for the detection of cotinine in oral fluid.

  • OraSure Oral Fluid Collection Device
    • Easy-to-administer

    • Fast and simple collection

    • Patient-preferred

  • Laboratory Analysis Kits
    • Smoking cessation programs

    • Prospective employment screening

    • Evaluations of applicants for health or life insurance

    • Health and wellness programs

Downloadable Information

Collection Procedure - Simple Oral Fluid Collection

Please see package insert for complete instructions.

Step 1 - Collect Sample
Swab for 2 to 5 minutes
Step 2 - Snap
1. Insert the device into the buffer
2. Snap wand at scoring
3. Replace the cap and send to the lab via regular mail.
Step 3 - Lab Testing
The lab processes the sample and runs a screening enzyme immunoassay (EIA) test.

Auto-Lyte® Insurance Risk Assessment Series

Product Calibrator/ Matrix ID Kit Quantities Available
Auto-Lyte® Beta-Blockers EIA Urine 1212U 1000mL
Auto-Lyte® Cotinine EIA Urine 1224U 100mL
Auto-Lyte® Cotinine EIA Serum 1224E 100mL
Auto-Lyte® Thiazides EIA Urine 1264U 1000mL
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