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Rapid Syphilis testing made easy.

  • Rapid

    Provides results in 10 minutes enabling patients to learn their status in a single visit and allows Syphilis positive patients to be connected to care while a lab test is completed for confirmed diagnosis.

  • Flexible

    CLIA-waived for fingerstick whole blood and offers the ability to test in non-traditional testing environments, such as outreach programs and mobile testing clinics. Ideal for both clinical and non-clinical settings. Please note, this test is not intended for use in screening blood or plasma donors.

  • Accurate

    Highly accurate: 98.0% sensitivity, 97.2% specificity; reads for both IgM and IgG.

  • Simple

    Can be easily read in all settings; no need for a reader. Walk-away procedure allows providers to batch tests, enabling more people to get tested, reducing indirect costs and improving turnaround time.

  • Accessible

    Can be used with people ages 13 years and older.

  • Proven Results

    Studies have verified the accuracy at all stages of infection including latent, which provides the ability to detect infection in pregnant people for identification of potential congenital syphilis at every trimester.

Catalog Numbers
  • 1001-0698 - Tests
  • 1001-0699 - Controls
Reimbursement Information
  • CPT Code: 86780QW *

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