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SureSight - Tenofovir

SureSight  TFV-DP Test

OraSure has partnered with Molecular Testing Labs to offer a test that measures concentrations of tenofovir-diphosphate from a fingerstick dried blood spot sample. TFV-DP concentrations in DBS samples characterize cumulative exposure over the past several weeks. The DBS test can be collected at home by the patient, or in-clinic by a provider. After the sample is collected, it is shipped to a CAP accredited, CLIA licensed laboratory for processing, and within a few days, the provider receives the test result and interpretation, via a secure portal. TFV-DP test results should be used in conjunction with all other available clinical information to support PrEP or ART regimens.

SureQuick - Tenofovir

SureQuick  Rapid Tenofovir Test (Research Use Only)

The urine Point of Care test is currently available for research use. This test will allow providers to test patients urine, and see the adherence results within a few minutes of their visit.

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