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Q.E.D.® Saliva Alcohol Test
Q.E.D.® Saliva Alcohol Test

On The Spot Leader in Alcohol Testing

On-Site, Low-Cost Alternative to Breath or Blood Testing

  • Fast and Simple Testing Process
    Provides quantitative results in less than five minutes using only a saliva sample.
  • Accurate & Quantitative Results
    Offers results similar to blood-based test and a thermometer-like reading, leaving no room for misinterpretation of results.
  • Built-in QA Spot™
    Assures quality control for every test by ensuring test administrators apply specimen in the correct location with the correct quantity of specimen.
  • Low Cost
    Provides a lower cost per test option than breath or alcohol.
  • Department of Transportation Approved
    Delivers CLIA-waived and DOT-approved alcohol testing that can be administered by any trained professional.

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Fast and Simple Testing Process

Please see package insert for complete instructions.

Step 1 - Swab

Step 1: Swab mouth to collect saliva

Actively swab around the cheeks, gums, and under the tongue for 30-60 seconds until the cotton swab is thoroughly saturated.

Step 2 - Insert

Step 2: Insert collector into test

Place the Q.E.D.® test on a flat surface. Gently twist the collector into the entry port.

Step 3 - Read

Step 3: Read color bar

Allow two (2) minutes for the Q.E.D.® test to develop. The QA Spot™ must be dark purple to indicate a valid test.

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