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The Oral Fluid Solution to Modern Day Testing

OraSure Technologies has served the laboratory market with substance abuse testing products for over 18 years. As such, we have gained a strong appreciation for what laboratories want and need from their partners and suppliers, including product information, technical and economic assessment, technical support, equipment and software installation, and sales and marketing assistance.

We believe that offering laboratories a full range of products, services and support separates us from other suppliers and makes OraSure Technologies a true partner to our laboratory customers.

Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test

Only the pioneers of oral fluid technology could make a drug test this accurate, this easy. Non-invasive collection process that can be administered quickly virtually anytime or anywhere.

Intercept® i2he™ Automated Oral Drug Assays

We have continued our commitment to our customers and proudly introduce the new “high efficiency” Intercept® i2he™ Automated Oral Fluid Assays combined with our Intercept® i2he™ Oral Fluid Collection Device for the forensic market. These new oral fluid assays are designed to run on various clinical chemistry automated analyzers with the same efficiency as current fully automated urine based drug tests and with superior performance.

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