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OraSure® Oral Specimen Collection Device

OraSure® Oral Specimen Collection Device enables the collection of an oral fluid sample for use with a lab-based screening test that is used for Cotinine EIA, Cocaine Metabolite EIA and Human IgG.

Oral fluid testing provides samples that are easier to deal with than blood collections. With oral testing, insurance companies can identify undisclosed tobacco use and cocaine abuse, providing assessment to the behavior and health status of applicants. The benefits that insurance companies see with oral fluid testing include: faster test results, less underwriting time, significant cost savings, reduction of "not takens" and an applicant- and agent-friendly experience.

  • Easy-to-Administer
    Provides a fast and easy method for sample collection, enabling non-medical professionals, such as insurance agents, to collect samples for laboratory processing.
  • Fast and Simple Collection
    The patient places the OraSure device between the lower cheek and gum for 2-5 minutes. The pad draws oral fluid, which is rich in antibodies and contains far fewer contaminants than typically found in saliva. The pad is transported to a lab in a vial that contains preservatives, which stabilize the sample for up to 21 days at 39° F to 98° F.
  • Patient-Preferred
    Offers patients accurate testing without the need for blood samples or needles, providing more comfortable testing.

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Collection Procedure - Simple Oral Fluid Collection

Please see package insert for complete instructions.

Step 1 - Collect Sample

Step 1: Collect sample

Place the pad between the cheek and gum for 2-5 minutes.

Step 2 - Insert the device into the buffer

Step 2: Insert the device into the buffer

Snap off the wand. Replace the cap and send to the lab via regular mail.

Step 3: Lab Testing

The lab processes the sample and runs a screening enzyme immunoassay (EIA) test. Results in one day after sample is received by lab.

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